Sunday, May 24, 2020

may 24, 2020

nat king cole trio - caravan
deerhunter - desire lines
freakingsnap - in the midst of my life
burial - nyc
dillinger escape plan - fix your face
carly rae jepsen - through my head
the cactus blossoms - downtown (easy way)
the replacements - hanging downtown
emma bunton - downtown (element dub)
tom waits - downtown train
a concise history of joy - she can't come down
neil hannon - so long and thanks for all the fish
the ladies of hope - psalm 33, taste & see
tanya tagaq - ajaaja
skingerbreadman - dragonfly
slobberknocker - waterworld
poemss - miles away
phasingtomsolo - factory settings
freakingsnap - minus even

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