Monday, November 29, 2010

november 28, 2010

meco - cantina band (12" mix)
tristan psionic - air traffic control
aeroplane trio - they came and took away our kittens
absent sound - hip hop knights
henry mancini - hawaiian war chant
the fall - c 'n' c-s mithering
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
new order - best and mersh
holy fuck - red lights
girl talk - this is the remix
bert and ernie - the 'r' machine
bert - stop
village people - food fight
tin star orphans - we are lions
panthers - we are louder
feed the birds - weather man
wet spots - blitzkrieg polka
warpaint - composure
subtle lip can - tid lac boam


  1. Was the show on Sunday the 5th a replay or is the play list pending? I really want to know what one of the songs was, it totally made my drive home.