Sunday, November 7, 2010

november 7, 2010

pass the mic edition. guest host tiff bartel.

orchid - epilogue at a carcrash
devo - whip it
colby - make a joyful noise
weezer - unbreak my heart
lullabye arkestra - unite!!!!!!
danny and the juniors - at the hop
jello biafra and the melvins - those dumb punk kids (will buy anything)
the fall - pay your rates
the paperbacks - illness as metaphor
flaming tsunamis - zombies vs robots
roosevelt franklin - just because
b.a. johnston - retro hill
jason segel - dracula's lament
hold steady - cattle & the creeping things [acoustic version]
it kills - dragons
c.w. mccall - convoy
bucko - the porch
darkwing duck - theme
the tick - theme
tom waits - ice cream man
sevens project - elegant hot dog
captain vegetable with eddie and andy - captain vegetable
unicorns - jellybones
the trio of oz - bizarre love triangle
nutley brass - some kinda hate
six finger satellite - white temples

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