Sunday, December 26, 2010

december 26, 2010

only cowards yell at the c.a.r.p. (extenda-mix extraordinaire)

ciao bella - in
SeaFreezing - Sircus
absent sound - occupying home
...and then nothing - je noue
the doors - strange days
count floyd - reggae christmas eve in transylvania
the paperbacks - good lives (for bad reasons)
the paperbacks - thieves guild
the hummers - when the drugs wore off, it wasn't so much fun anymore
hugo strasser - bene, bene, bene
jim sturgess - all you need is love
the beatles - all you need is love
querkus - delphinium kirex
burning hell - tired of playing music
burning hotels - austin's birthday
klaatu - calling occupants of interplanetary craft
kiss - just a boy
peter gabriel - the boy in the bubble
iron maiden - the alchemist
bruce stringbean and the s street band - born to add
possessed - beyond the gates
blackalicious - a to g
farm fresh - matlock
red fisher - progression
the fall - wmc-blob 59
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
les surveillantes - coma
bell orchestre - elephants
gord grdina trio with mats gustafsson - f.w.r.
inhabitants - let youth be served
red fisher - jabba the hut
kutiman - the mother of all funk chords
humans - wake up!!
it kills - dragons
lcd soundsystem - somebody's calling me
OFF! - broken
OFF! - peace in hermosa
SeaFreezing - Element

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