Sunday, January 2, 2011

january 2, 2011

ataxia - the empty's response
john frusciante/josh klinghoffer - communique
speed dealer moms - march three
absent sound - tv song
...and then nothing - the fifth estate
the fall - gramme friday
SeaFreezing - sircus
unravelled brown cassette tape lying on a freeway - sort of like a hushed and distilled version of everything that pan america has done to date
room 237 - valencase
lebeato - pressure
lalo schifrin - be happy/luh/society montage
burning hell - the berlin conference
wintersleep - echolocation
peter thomas - valley of the gods
k.c. accidental - instrumental died in the bathtub and took the daydreams with it

ps FUNDrive 2011 is coming very soon. support your favourite radio station by pledging to your favourite show that is sort of named after a fish but not really.

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