Monday, February 7, 2011

february 6, 2011

red fisher - jabb the hut
anthrax - deathrider
the details - reunion souvenirs
nina simone - feeling good
down i go - r5-d4
boats - our athletic friends
doris day - tic, tic, tic
chariots - silver tongue
projektor - from steel
trocaderos - space invader
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - in my room
motorhead - please don't touch
texas is the reason - if it's here when we get back it's ours
the goodees - condition red
les jupes - awake, my ghost
la patere rose - decapote
thomas kjorven - stratosphere
neil mac - we all fall down
tim hus - sasquatch hunter
hatebeak - god of empty nest
bert - i want to hold your ear
the rabid whole - love song for a vampire
tony williams lifetime - sangria for three
lalo schifrin - mannix

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