Sunday, February 27, 2011

february 27, 2011

the jesus lizard - nub
nuclear assault - nuclear war
curl up and die - nuclear waste? bring that shit. (we want a state full of radiated super heroes)
skingerbreadman - nude
brigitte bardot - nue au soleil
firehose - 'nuff that shit, george
the residents - numb erone
the rutles - number one
dj shadow - the number song
danzig - twist of cain
tv theme - frasier
kieren hebden and steve reid - departure
clikitat ikatowi - identity crisis
time of orchids - everyone is suspended
billy may - kato
bon jovi - homebound train
clikitat ikatowi - librarian
twisted sister - like a knife in the back
trickwheel - rain
mas headspace - the everyman
the hoots - shadow in the wall
the bokononists - cold calm blind dumb
vibrating beds - what you do to me
miesha and the spanks - across the country
dennett & de groot - red balloon

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