Monday, March 21, 2011

march 20, 2011

tinsel teeth - a farewell to architecture
me mom and morgentaler - landlord
red fisher - dad song
belinda carlisle - a woman and a man
skeeter davis - i started loving you again
the pinkslips - joanna
vibrating beds - what you do to me
dennett & degroot - ida red
burnt witch survivors group - come out, get in
smoky tigr - dancing in the dark
sound in action trio - side car
zoppo - change of pace
clem snide - with all my heart
nuclear assault - search & seizure
iron lung, walls & pig heart transplant - politics of science
the megaphonic thrift - the undertow
the creaking tree string quartet - little green men
drums and machines - another war
iron and wine - walking far from home
fugazi - walkin's syndrome
tv theme - 90210
charles bronson - the only time i think about romance is when i wonder why i don't think about it
talking heads - cities
low - lion/lamb (demo)
the modern men - emotions ocean


  1. Awesome blog. I never knew such a radio station existed either! By the way, you spelled Canada wrong up at the top.

  2. greatest station ever. and thanks for the spell check. i am terrible.