Sunday, March 6, 2011

march 6, 2011

karate - cherry coke
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - tijuana taxi
lalo schifrin - the school bus
the blanks - boing fwip
for carnation - on the swing
tortoise - eden 1
dennett & de groot - ida red
the hoots - i've been told
vampires - fridge buzz
jeannie c. riley - good enough to be your wife
creaking tree string quartet - the cut of your jib
trickwheel - blue sky falling
creaking tree string quartet - jimmy ain't so fancy
ringo death starr - never drive
modulo 1000 - metro mental
anima morte - intro
firehose - quicksand
vibrating beds - some kind of fool
cannon bros. - wet concrete
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
husker du - chartered trips
the replacements - bastards of young
song of zarathustra - mess of zero
p.o.s. - let it rattle
the wilderness - systems

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