Sunday, June 5, 2011

june 5, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
manuel - blue skies
little house - i don't want to know
charles bronson - dream a little dream
ratatat - grape juice city
kepi ghoulie - brain scrambling device
suzi quatro - brain confusion (for all the lonely people)
zoppa - rock farmer
terry snyder and the all stars - autumn in new york
smoky tigr - handle with care
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
the gunness - heart of stone
claudine longet - the look of love
julia kent - tihonos
the albertans - furniture
down i go - ED-209
madlib - fifth chant
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - green leaves of summer
efrim manuel menuck - kiddish for chesnutt
the national - bloodbuzz ohio
holy fuck - sht mtn
soholy headcase - to the city for a week or two

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