Sunday, June 26, 2011

june 26, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
the summerlad - vauxhall secret
this hisses - swagger
red fisher - snowball
el michel's affair - glaciers of ice
john coltrane - soft lights and sweet music
quest for fire - strange vacation
julie cruise - mysteries of love
afuche - here's to here's to toast
solidaze - in the meantime
claudine longet - wanderlove
onuma singsiri - mae kha som tam
ha ha tonka - usual suspects
kepi ghoulie - come on brain
chore - general warning
janelle miller - when the wind blows
the squarewaves - down with the gullwing doors
grails - master builder
herajika tracks - fragment
little house - i don't want to know
laurie johnson - the avengers (main title)
inhabitants - remember

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