Sunday, July 3, 2011

july 3, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
tiny tim - fill your heart
the natural yogurt band - space echo
guerillas of soul - lipstick & war
brass castle - get on fire
saint vitus - h.a.a.g.
barn burner - dark side of the barn
andrea von wichert - an artist
this hisses - gold on fire
sebadoh - on fire
mike dubue - abel-O.L
starfuckers - zentropia
ferrante & teicher - brazil
adverteyes - arid
smoky tigr - red river
rebirth brass band - the dilemma
the shivers - do the slam dunk
la bete - walk the block
holy fuck - choppers
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
the new deal - deep sun
breakestra - sunny delight
riz ortolani - the cheetah is shot
a made up sound - piste 07
black sabbath - rock "n" roll doctor
kepi ghoulie - life sentence
ozzy osbourne - revelation (mother earth)
james blake - i never learnt to share
brahja waldman's quartet - body asking shadow, "how do you keep up?"
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
autechre - gaekwad
woods - pick up
dj shadow & dan the automator - uptown bollywood nights
smoking popes - pretty pathetic
bert - i want to hold your ear
dennett & degroot - cut the brakes
mother mother - baby don't dance
type monkey type - smooth like crunchy peanut butter
fucked up - let her rest
burnt witch survivors group - come out, get in
the peaches - out of luck
seafreezing - this is not a threat, it's a promise

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