Monday, August 8, 2011

august 7, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
yngwie malmsteen - arpeggios from hell
the hummers - when the drugs wore off, it wasn't so much fun anymore
burning hell - nostalgia
raein - abitudine, cerimonia, magia
william elliott whitmore - we'll carry on
the blowholes - flo
the mariachi brass - i've got a gal in kalamazoo
elysian fields - off or out
fugazi - exit only
the selector - three minute hero
the pepper pots - it's not easy
ham - bulgarian smash
farmers by nature - sir snacktray speaks
room 237 - 49 days on the bardo plane
condition - caravan
this hisses - swagger
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
ray martin and the living brass - fiesta en acapulco
bert kaempfert - savoy blues
one lard bizkit brass band - she's a keeper
battles - toddler

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