Monday, August 29, 2011

august 28, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
herbie hancock - rockit
depeche mode - enjoy the silence (harmonium)
general surgery - viva! blunt force trauma
labrassbanda - vw-jetta
enoch light and the light brigade - recado bossa nova
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
the sweet lowdown - chicken under the washtub
permanent bastards - caught in the crossfire
battles - futura
emma bunton - take me to another town
beach boys - girls on the beach
anita kerr singers - good vibrations
holy molar - hindsight 'tween the hind legs
banana splits - the tra la la song (one banana, two banana)
mikimoto - untitled
greg macpherson - reckless
greg rekus - consequence
greg arcade - hawaii electric
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
babe rainbow - i can try to run (stuck)
bon iver - towers
oh my darling - roustabout
the reverb syndicate - theme to "operation: jet set!"

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