Sunday, March 4, 2012

march 4, 2012

bob rosengarden & phil kraus - caravan
down i go - ED-209
lich king - ED-209
barry gray - the secret service
fanfara kalashnikov - coragheasca
lazyitis - this charming man
scab smoker - the abyss
the evaporators - bring it on home
mariachi ghost - rider
rob crooks - no hand
smoky tiger - play w fire
no bs! brass band - tom sawyer
no bs! brass band - owner of a lonely heart
no bs! brass band - take on me
no bs! brass band - everything turns grey
the darcys - black cow
auoh - the cosmic egg
the falcons - black ice
birds 'n brass - theme from shaft
the link quartet - crosstown traffic
lotte kestner - eyes without a face
d.o.a. - new age
hatcher-briggs - getting there from here
wendy rene - young & foolish

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