Tuesday, March 20, 2012

march 18, 2012

john buzon trio - caravan
luther wright and the wrongs - the happiest days of our lives
el michels affair - glaciers of ice
the amino acids - i love it when a planet comes together
papermoon - so nice
scabsmoker - black queen
carolina chocolate drops - po' black sheep
rob crooks - hey! hey!
the evaporators - bunk
the vibrating beds - six eight
theplasmas - the pit III (mortal kombat 3)
faith no more - midnight cowboy
zolof and the rock and roll destroyer - i'm a rock and roll mess
the darcys - i got the news
kepi ghoulie - brain scrambling device
the like - will you still love me tomorrow
andrew jackson jihad - growing up
into it. over it. - sebadon't
devo - working in the coalmine
auoh - beforehand
the falcons - dreamrider
zavala - little or no concern
quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky-burr
bubo - critical examination of ground
lyzie burt - zombifying
smoky tiger - pass the dutch

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