Sunday, April 8, 2012

april 8, 2012

zygos marching band - caravan
phasing tom solo - you've got your @dignity, i've got my #hashtag
dragonforce - through the fire and flames
dj frane - lonely orbit
smoky tiger - spaceship
dr. john - kingdom of izzness
scabsmoker - black queen
b.a. johnston - sesame street fighter
the vibrating beds - six eight
velocity girl - lisa librarian
urban tribe - daytime t.v.
unsane - this plan
josie and the pussycats - inside, outside, upside down
badbadnotgood - title theme/saria's song/song of storms
magnificent 7's - crazy d
tribune - it came from the swamps...
barigozzi group - theme for aretha
enzo bontempi - bangarang
rob hubbard - commando
bushman's revenge - john lennon was the greatest man who ever lived
feedtime - paint it black
bernice - body motivation

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