Wednesday, April 4, 2012

march 25, 2012

piero umiliani - caravan
anywhere - infrared moses
christian mistress - possession
sentridoh - ride the darker wave
thumb - freakout vol. II
smoky tiger - tommy prince
red moon road - do or die
riffaction - no refection
gene autry - back in the saddle again
mc frontalot - critical hit
auoh - creation myths
the famines - plca
scabsmoker - death by natural causes
total fucking blood - truth attack
building better bombs - the action pact
marijuana deathsquads - pink star
polica - dark star
signal to trust - seaspray
i-migration - life beat
damo suzuki's network - l'azienda che fa tutto
jaymz bee & the royal jelly orchestra - turn me loose
adrian legg, marco pereira, lulo reinhardt, brian gore - kiss curl

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