Saturday, May 26, 2012

may 20, 2012

martin denny - caravan
mild horses - the first spacewalk
ferrante & teicher - mexican hat dance
afx - laughable butane bulb
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
j riley hill - dinner is served
the funkees - acid rock
leonard cohen - banjo
jazz punks - clash-up
gorgon horde - high and inside
beastie boys - sabrosa
calibro 35 - la banda del B.B.Q. (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens)
theme song - the tick
franco micalizzi - sequence 6
indigo jam unit - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
los miticos del ritmo - otro muerde el polvo
heavyweights brass band - single ladies
alice donut - i walked with a zombie
pink floyd - careful with that axe, eugene
andrew jackson jihad - big bird
les momies de palerme - medee

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