Sunday, May 6, 2012

may 6, 2012

beastie boys - son of neckbone
dirty dozen brass band - caravan
chewbacca's - space circus sideshow
dave dudley - barbara allen
OFF! - i got news for you
astrocoven - rocco
ocean city defender - the freddy shelly throat punch
andrew southworth & andrew downing - morbid fecundity
jaymz bee & the royal jelly orchestra - safety dance
qiwu "the qiwu selftet" - message
hawkwind - levitation
chalk circle - april fool
badbadnotgood - dmz
l'viv - sudden understanding
the lonesome weekends - TLWs' dream #s 7-13
dave murray - dream mountain dream
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do is)
BS 2000 - die rollerblader
octavo -les affres du pouvoir
primus - last salmon man
the vibrating beds - six eight
auoh - land of monsters
beastie boys - posse in effect
to download this and some past episodes... The C.A.R.P. 

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