Saturday, September 1, 2012

august 26, 2012

lawrence welk - caravan
unwound - demons sing love songs
dead stock crusher - police story
phono-comb - here come the warm jets
bob mould - the descent
aretha franklin - won't be long
alan sparhawk - how the weather comes over the central hillside
awesome snakes - these snakes get high!
hype williams - boss man
the book of dead names - this math is complicated
minutemen - political song for michael jackson to sing
devil on the beach - devil on the beach: side 4
david kilgour - because it was you
alemayehu eshete - mekeyershin salawq
future of the left - with apologies to emily pankhurst
tom waits - 9th & hennepin
is/is - moon dropping
laghonia - baby, baby
alan sparhawk - how it ends
cellos - sea legs
our friend and the spiders - your ghost
denis plante & david jacques - los suenos
kram ran - power monger hunger
redd kross - meet frankenstein
merch table delite - bruce willis (don't kill us)
marijuana deathsquads - pink dust
the cake - p.t. 280
anywhere - pyramid mirrors
omar rodriguez-lopez - pink heart
brasstronaut - francisco
music maul - second story

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