Sunday, September 30, 2012

september 23, 2012

autorickshaw - caravan
bannedfromatlantis - subtle suggestions
jonwayne - lilnumber
the hummers - one (ecoute)
the beans - sun
mahogany frog - message from uncle stan: green house
gabrielle papillon - coccinelle
dangercat - head in the clouds
cellos - the greys
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
soholyheadcase - it's a real deal to steal
the riderless - qua the rajah
dj coop - ten
sultans of string - my squid has a rash
propagandhi - failed states
animal parts - the trick with your heart (prt3)
saint dirt elementary school - staying home every night
tia brazda - too crazy
keith price - zoom zoom (part three)
la descente du coude - aptonymes
a tribe called red - electric pow wow drum

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