Sunday, November 18, 2012

november 18, 2012

les fantomes - caravan
cut hands - el palo mayombe
superchunk - cruel summer
iwrestledabearonce - white water in the morning
fred penner - the cat came back
hedwig and the angry inch - tear it down
das mermen - sharks
omd - history of modern (part 1)
saint dirt elementary school - lullaby for naughty children
vampires - fireriot
murder by death - lost river
hobson's choice - not for human beings
queen - we will rock you
benj funk - ode to film boards
this morn' omina - son of fire
percy 'thrills' thrillington - monkberry moon delight
anada shankar - how would you like to be?
vanilla, jade and ebony - graduation rap
3 titans - college
david garza - discoball world
gulf of brass - cherry
panos - seveneight

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