Sunday, November 25, 2012

november 25, 2012

ella fitzgerald - caravan
web of sunsets - fools melodies
el rego - e nan mian nuku
nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood - sand
miles davis - l'assassinat de carala
nabil othmani - aran adam
the bonaduces - i nominate my kitten for the king of the dead
the lytics - stay calm
lazyhorse - she don't wanna go   
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
plan r - milk and/or cookies
seafreezing - this is not a possibility, it's a contingency
metz - wet blanket
elevator to hell - what i didn't like about august 13
evangelista - the blue room
black mountain - roller coaster
caribou - jamelia
the beatdown - no man
paolo bussoli - south of symington
benj funk - all apologies
vampires - startrack
phlegm fatale - dance

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