Sunday, May 5, 2013

may 5, 2013

gordon jenkins - caravan
beastie boys - bodhisattva vow
corrosion of conformity - tell me
sofa - ch.2.chi
al caiola - underwater chase
dolly parton - don't drop out
bombino - amidinine (my friend)
har mar superstar - late night morning light
charles bradley - love bug blues
femi kuti - nothing to show for it
invisible hands - dream machine
wareika hill sounds - no more war
invisible hands - dream machine (arabic version)
the steamers - workin' for the weekend
new red river rebellion - powderfinger
heillig manoeuvre - moose and squirrel
ozconsious - kettering
jawbreaker - sluttering (may 4th)
slayer - memories of tomorrow
jerusalem in my heart - speak of the woman in the black robe
mohawk lodge - howling at the moon
crisis of conformity - fist fight in the parking lot
ian rubbish and the bizzaros - maggie thatcher
boats - o jumbotron
drums and wires - try restarting
the thing with barry guy - prometheum
dolly parton - busy signal
tmdp - tmdp

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