Sunday, May 26, 2013

may 26, 2013

larry adler - caravan
r.e.m. - untitled
retox - you lost me at "it wasn't your fault"
alfonso santisteban - llovio
grey kingdom - filed song
david bowie - the next day
north of america - no want of such landmarks
they might be giants - how many planets?
circle jerks - red tape
nuclear assault - live, suffer, die
bob marley and the wailers - teenager in love
ahleuchatistas - vanished
steve taylor's drum boogie- sing, sing, sing
boats - o telescope
lifetime - i like you ok
saltland - i thought it was us
nick fraser - prescott: the fort town
deadly snakes - gore veil
marijuana deathsquads - bad boy masterpiece
mammane sani et son orgue - tunan
seawhores - receive your crown
web of sunsets - room of monsters
keith price - prayer
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
remy shand - i met your mercy
seafreezing - sean
kenlo craqnuques - clpyrhndsfrevr
the epsilons - the echo
kiss - when you wish upon a star
bob wiseman -
winnipeg mandolin quintet - guantanamera

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