Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june 9, 2013

ballroom orchestra & singers - caravan
john frusciante - hear say
big d and the kids table - rotten
augustus pablo - rockers meet king tubby in a fire house
minibosses - goonies 2
homestuck - the ballad of jack noir
doo rag - hussy bowler
a tribe called red - sweet milk pop
dubmatix - black market dub
dave norris & local ivan - there's lonely, there's lonelier
remy shand - springtime
keith price - departures
autechre - tuinorizn
retox - i rub the wrong way
guido & maurizio de angelis - sliding crime
AC4 - i don't want it
mucca pazza - peace meal
OFF! - i want one
qwerty musique - luztrumental
kenmode - your heartwarming story makes me sick
boats - o jumbotron
elvis presley - what now my love
sir julian gould - the good, the bad and the ugly
the flamingos - but not for me
thurston lava tube - bohemian rhapsody
pawa up first - signal beat
dianogah - i like juice in a shark suit
kobra and the lotus - 50 shades of evil

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