Sunday, June 30, 2013

june 30, 2013

john buzon trio - caravan (eat static remix)
devo - smart patrol/mr. dna
the melvins - cow
devo - going under
nomeansno - oh, canaduh!
woodpigeon - as read in the pine bluff commercial
groenland - the things i've done
boats - we got pillows and blankets
ripcordz - d'oh canada
video brats - i thought i was smiling
marisa anderson - the new country
bosnian rainbows - i cry for you
low & dirty three - down by the river
camera obscura - break it to you gently
marisa anderson - red sky
masters of love and sound - ba boom dub
bob wiseman - robert dziekanski at the vancouver airport
devo - patterns
they might be giants - the famous polka
the kittens - bonoculars
the flowers of hell - on a swirling ship
fairground attraction - perfect
guckenheimer sour kraut band - grad aus dam wirthaus
devo - too much paranoias
sao paolo underground - over the rainbow

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