Sunday, April 27, 2014

april 20, 2014

dizzy gillespie - caravan (dj smash smashish remix)
clash at demonhead - black sheep
boats - advice on bears (dj coop remix)
puig destroyer - rise and grind
fantomas - 04/20/05
rev. davey todd - have a nice day
beefdonut - my love is for real
solvent - wow
einar jullum - pa andre sida av lia
shining - stalemate longan runner
charlie parker ft. miles davis - moose the mooche (quantic remix)
for carnation - alfredo's welcome
grandmaster melle mel - white lines
picastro - baron in the trees
the haiduks - melodie
impetuous ritual - despair
trust - blinking for the feel
they call me rico - winner or loser
broken orchestra of winnipeg - untitled
fuck the facts - inside out

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