Sunday, April 13, 2014

april 13, 2014

james spaulding - caravan
velvet underground - venus in furs
small faces - whatcha gonna do about it
james brown - think
iggy pop - lust for life
joe lapinski - you!
they call me rico - i'm on fire
buckshot bebee and the secret boyfriends - mad world
dirty inputs - oberon//sequence
fantomas - 04/13/05
neil norman and orchestra - moonraker
dolly parton - busy signal
AC4 - all talked out
l'viv - but darling, i don't care
skeeter davis - put it off until tomorrow
the new plan - 12 tones and a nod to prokofiev
baader brains - plenory keynote signal (6th congress)
jd and the sunshine band - i heard that one before
warpaint - disco//very
carsick cars - mushroom
minutemen - dreams are free, motherfucker
OFF! - in your arms
beck - all tomorrow's parties
jung people - releasing fears of the colour blue

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