Sunday, December 14, 2014

december 14, 2014

stanley black - caravan
the blanks - the riff song
descendents - all-o-gistics
all - allthymn
alex calamese - bubbles in the wine
jill barber - broken for good
animal teeth - yolo
mohair sweets - the green light
king buzzo - vaulting over a microphone
the melvins - onions make the milk taste bad
the kittens - honky tonk werewolf
afrika bambaataa & the soulsonic force - renegades of funk
zola jesus - dust
carl davis - waterloo
wtchs - over kilmer
seafreezing - summer
the psychics - water and astrobiology
venetian snares -black sabbath
william onyeabor - heaven and hell
secret pyramid - come down gently
boredoms - tv scorpion
OFF! - no reason to complain
ariel pink - not enough violence

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