Sunday, December 7, 2014

december 7, 2014

boban i marko markovic orchestra - caravan
marvin gaye - where are we going?
the sweet inspirations - evidence
the mariachi ghost - luciferian love
autumn still - long terms
blunderspublik - butterfly
remy shand - where are we going?
red eyed morning - autumn in august
beefdonut - the spy
dharmakaya - wassap
broken orchstra of winnipeg - untitled
mohair sweets - cosi vicino ad una lama
the flaming lips - a day in the life (feat. miley cyrus & new fumes)
dangercat - in my time
donald byrd - where are we going?
sonseed - jesus is my friend
elvis presley - what now my love
espectroplasma - grey zeta reticuli
dexter wansel - life on mars
pizzarrhea - cheesus and his assorted italian meat dreamcoat
karen o - ooo

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