Sunday, October 2, 2016

october 2, 2016

john buzon trio - caravan
wham! - freedom
lotte kestner - i'm going to go back there someday
metric - lie lie lie
mstrkrft - priceless
phlegm fatale - dance
blunderspublik - reason
heart behind a barbed wire hymen - death bed on a toy car mat city landscape
ginger baker's air force - i don't want to go on without you
atlantic jazz ensemble - aegean mist
cathedral - skullflower
blue t-shirt - cats in the usn
sun ra - friendly galaxy
freakingsnap - phases
barry adamason - death takes a holiday
alan moore/david j/tim perkins - drowning in gold
mystic knights of oingo boingo - forbidden zone
fantomas - spider baby
goblin - suspiria

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