Sunday, October 9, 2016

october 9, 2016

astrud gilberto - caravan
freakingsnap - september 2609 (beefdonut remix)
unknown - 2001: a space oddyssey fail
auoh - ...time grinds
famous sandhogs - the birth of skoni
marijuana deathsquads - truckin'
tanya tagaq - ajaaja
valiska - of water
opivtes - spoiled
organized rhyme - head for the border
freakingsnap - september 2609 (frsn rmx)
groon/rak and targus - dub-side of the groon
jason sharp - a blast at best
tanya tagaq - aorta
brutal truth - collapse
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - boomwack
four lads - i'm going to sit right down and cry (over you)
this mortal coil - the lacemaker II
holy fuck - chimes broken
freakingsnap - yay barinn ya baan

only cowards sing at night (fill-in)

louise victoria - caravan
red sovine - teddy bear
kittens - lipstick
phasingtomsolo - identt
burning hell - men without hats
owen meany's batting stance - dissonance
bola - balloom
naw - low level transit movement
globelamp - fade away and radiate
the sugarcubes - birthday (tommy d mix)
royal canoe - i am collapsing so slowly
sylvia platters - we're all dead!
layne l'heureux - solaris (ft. jessica jalbert)
the orb - little fluffy cloud (danny tenaglia's detour mix)
red sovine - little joe

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