Sunday, January 8, 2017

january 8, 2017

stringspace jazz band - caravan
descendents - unchanged
marty robbins - drowsy waters (wailana)
freakingsnap - od vecnosta (ili zivotot sega ke bide ili neboto ili vo pekolot niz celata vecnost) - segment
michael giacchino - can't keep locke down
homestuck - land of quartz and melody
doug shand - dear john
slaves on dope - electric kool-aid
holy fuck - neon dad
fuck the facts - false hope
bob dylan and the band - the spanish song (take 1)
ilkae - ah, the fire department! (ft. tstewart)
tomato tomato - ain't dead yet
shabazz palaces - falling up the beanstalk
monuments galore - soemtimes i wander
portastatic - spying on the spys
omar rodriguez-lopez - kisses are fishes
boards of canada - chinook
laggards - heart talk
moon tan - the faceless knight

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