Sunday, January 29, 2017

january 29, 2017

ridgefield high school jazz band - caravan
p.o.s - bumper
p.o.s - born a snake
marijuana deathsquads - vibrant beast
freakingsnap - distant echoes
avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche - trans-pop express
rob crooks - we are not famous
an ant and an atom - say something profound about a piledriver through the floor
jim celcer - wichita lineman
in drift - belong to me
marijuana deathsquads - tamper disable destroy
phasingtomsolo - factory settings
auoh - ...time grinds
freakingsnap - keypunch operator
annabelle chvostek - like a hurricane
monuments galore - nations of all kinds
steven page - linda ronstadt in the 70s
duotang - a suitable distraction

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