Sunday, February 5, 2017

february 5, 2017

valaida snow - caravan
the supremes - a change is gonna come
freakingsnap - grounded
auoh - misfortunate
the supremes - you send me
jank - this is a song about my bike "ralph" and it's called "ralph"
trampoline - spinning plates
faux fantasy - queen of hearts
fuck the facts - la mort I
fuck the facts - la mort II
black dice - last laugh
carbonates from mars - carina nebula
spiked punch - guinea pig
paul ong - impossible dream
the jerry cans - tusaavit
the supremes - chain gang
sloan - smeared    i am the cancer
superchunk - detroit has a skyline
in drift - 3 reasons
nico yaryan - old gloria
lab coast - hanging flowers
the supremes - wonderful world
jd and the sunshine band - thank you

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