Sunday, September 4, 2011

september 4, 2011

dick schory's new percussion ensemble - caravan
ophir prison marching kazoo band - neutron dance
birds 'n brass - american woman
oh my darling - what's love got to do with it
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do)
ergo phizmizz and his orchestra - (doo wop) that thing
zrada - mazury
smoky tigr - down on cornr
ingrid gratin - take these walls
little house - beautiful sweater
the blowholes - octopi spy
the beatles - do you want to know a secret
owl city - fireflies
l'arc-en-ciel - ready steady go
bowling for soup - today is going to be a great day
the beatles - twist and shout
the muppets - yellow submarine
the details - lost art
this hisses - swagger
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
scott hinkson - 'o hallow's eve
slim moore and the mar-kays - just can't get a head
adebisi shank - i answer to doc

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