Tuesday, September 20, 2011

september 18, 2011

al casey - caravan
ron grainer - them from 'the prisoner'
docteur legume et les surfwerks - number six
reverb syndicate - i am the new number two
annette funicello - (every night is) date night in hawaii
canzona - anyone lived in a pretty how town
inhabitants - let youth be served
dot - little johnny tears
burnt witch survivors group - i wanna be
the last assassins - on the take
james brown - down and out in new york city
sebadoh - love to fight
adebisi shank - europa
birds 'n brass - sugar sugar
enoch light - walk on by
scott nolan - my my hey hey
four piece suits - hey hey my my
spitula clark - spitula disorderz
hellrazer - warlord
secret samurai - istanbul
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - tiddley winks
rockford kabine - notte delle spie
annette funicello - wild willie
god damn doo wop band - jonny
storm & stress - o, when my lady comes
tinariwen - asuf d alwa
jolly boys feat. albert minott - blue monday

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