Sunday, September 25, 2011

september 25, 2011

duke ellington, max roach, charles mingus - caravan
kermit the frog - bein' green
fusioon - danza de molinero
stan butcher - sounds of mars
old harper - paging dr. acula
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
spitula clark - taste the floor
cloud city classic - brand new kicks
the f-holes - mighty mean mistake
big dave mclean - the redwood
pj harvey - send his love to me
primus - nature boy
fungi girls - dystopic vision
herbie hancock - rough
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
unknown mortal orchestra - strangers are strange
cymbals eat guitars - plainclothes
jean-claude pelletier - topless on the trail
the surfdusters - riptide
chore - imperial roast
groovie ghoulies - she gets all the girls

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